One hell of a shot.

Stacey and Edwin

Edwin and Stacey come from Kondele, Kisumu County and all their life the only beach they knew was of the Lake Victoria. They set out a week to travel the coast and this was their day 4, stop 6. Edwin was born from a family of fishermen and the skills still run through his blood. Stacey works in Kisumu as a business lady. They told me they met in Kisumu a day when Edwin couldn’t get even a single fish for his family and Stacey had to lend him a basket and now Edwin was returning the favour.




Every day I look forward to more and more adventure and when Bella brought the beauty along the way, I always remain grateful because this is what keeps me going.


The great b_tito team.


A few steps along the beach and Salim quickly approaches us. He offers to sell us an Octopus at ksh.200 per kg for lunch and madafu (coconut milk). His selling point was his knowledge on the matter in that picking the coconut while it is unripe will ensure that the body gets all the benefits of coconut water. Coconut water hydrates the body and relieves urinary problems. So the girls gave it a try and we loved it.


The Royal Reserve hotel


The Watamu beach is the most geographically diverse I came across; from coral reefs, caverns to lagoons. You can’t miss the Italian residents and one or two fishermen selling octopus. Yes they are edible.



At the Vasco Da Gama beach, I met Elias (attendant at the Scorpio Villa) and Captain Johny (fisherman at the boat) where I got tips on how to fish, harvest and prepare Madafu (coconut milk) besides collecting sea shells. I was later entertained by the infamous Kasuku, a blind but charismatic man at the total junction who couldn’t allow photography around him for copyright infringement. That’s how entertaining he is!

Vasco Da Gama Pillar at the background.

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