The Cycad Tree

“My name is Cycad and I’m over 200 million years old. I lost count of my age when the Portuguese invaded Mombasa in 1593” this is what this tree would tell me if we were to have a normal conversation. A day before leaving, we had to visit Fort Jesus as it is for any Kenyan local tourist visiting the coast. This was to get a glimpse of our country’s history.



Forodhani restaurant served us the best plate of bhajia I had ever tasted. Maku gave us a tour of the Mombasa Old Town after the short visit to Forodhani which is adjacent to The Englishpoint Marina in Nyali. The Old Town has scenic/vintage/cinematic feel when you walk down the streets it even gave some cinematographic ideas if I was to shoot a scene sometime in the future. It is totally justifiable to do that as did several movies i.e. Inception by Chris Nolan. The trail led us to Fort Jesus. The entrance fee is ksh.200.

I’m not an archaeologist nor do I have any interest in historical research so I’ll leave you with the photos having the captions and descriptions of the history of Mombasa and Fort Jesus.

Forodhani’s Bhajia

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