My name is Tito and I am a photographer

I am writing this article to my fellow hustlers in light of showing them how you can spend ksh. 9000 on a five day excursion to the coast and not complain about it. I am writing this to show how cheap it can be contrary to people’s beliefs but before I start on my feasibility study, let me talk about a disease called Njanuary.

Njanuary is a disease common among adults in the country caused by lack of an enzyme found in our pockets called money. The disease is only active in the month of January.

Symptoms of Njanuary: The things you realise.

  • Realising at the supermarket that Broadways bread costs 41 bob and Pascha milk costs 46bob,and maziwa ya kupima 1 litre ni 60 bob. (bob=ksh)
  • You can stay more days without food than water and you will not die.
  • You can actually carry lunch to work.
  • You can carry bread to work too so you only need to buy tea.
  • The matatu fares are half price before 6.
  • Meat is very unhealthy; 5 eggs cost 50 bob and are better proteins than meat, more so they’re young chickens!!
  • You can really pay school fees in instalments and from where I come from, even maize is allowed.
  • Ukioga na sabuni ya kipande bado utakuwa msafi
  • Arimis ni mafuta mzuri sana
  • You can actually cut a tea bug, use the tea inside to cook 4 cups of tea instead of one.
  • Chips za Odeon ni 30 bob.

Causes of Njanuary

  • Failing to get the idea that your December salary is actually meant to get you through January and you spend half of it before 31st/1st.
  • The devil inside giving you false fantasies of how you can win the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot so you put thousands into gambling.
  • Planning to go to the coast on December instead of actually having an annual plan about it.
  • Using Safaricom bundles while all year long you have been loyal to airtel/orange.
  • Party from Monday-Monday on December

Preventive measures

  • Start saving from as early as January for your holiday on December.
  • Peer pressure ni mbaya
  • Realise that when you do things as a group, you end up spending less.

So I will go back to my feasibility study. First of all, if you have the time, go to coast in January-low season- when things are cheaper. I recommend the second week. This will put an ease on your budget. And another thing, go as a group of at least five. This is cheaper than as an individual or even two of you and my main reason for this is on exploiting Uber services as I will explain later.

The only cost you will feel a pinch throughout your kaholiday is the to and fro transport and you can trust me on this. This will cost about 3000 bob.After thoroughly searching for lodgings, we were fortunate to land on one in Shanzu which cost us 300 bob a night. It was a nice hotel 300 metres from the beach, equipped with a swimming pool and self-contained rooms. You don’t need hot showers nor comfy duvets at the coast. So the rooms were 300 * 4 nights=1200 bob a total of 4200 so far.

Uber cabs offer a 500 bob promotion for newcomers and fortunately most of us never used Uber before so this came to be very helpful. We never used a matatu to walk around Mombasa, maybe tuk-tuks which you can’t really avoid and this one time we went to Diani but the total cost of moving around daily was about 200 bob each. The greatest problem in Mombasa is Fresh drinking water and say you needed 1 litre (50 bob) and a soda (50 bob) a day and other drinks of about 400 bob each, the total is 500 on drinks per day and 200 on food. A hustler will not drag him/herself to expensive hotels whereas there are kibandas selling very nice pilau and coconut stews.

Out trip to Diani cost us about 250 to and fro Likoni. We only went to the south coast. We will be back to the North on some other holiday. A visit to Marikiti or any other market and you spend a further 500 bob. Fort Jesus entrance is 200 bob, a walk to the Mombasa old town and you buy bhajia at Forodhani Restaurant which is 100 bob. An ice cream scoop at Englishpoint Marina is 150 bob.

So my logistics are

  • Transport = 3000 bob
  • Rooms,food and drinks (5 days)=4000 bob
  • Local transportation = 800 bob
  • Other expenses =1200 bob
  • TOTAL= 9000 bob

So the pictures below depict the various adventures we went through.

Serena Beach Hotel


Along Diani Beach


A Vibrant Sunset


Mombasa Old Town




Enter a caption


Baobab Trees


Englishpoint Marina Hotel


Forodhani Restaurant
City Mall-Nyali
Diani Beach

I will be writing about Fort Jesus in a Few days.


12 thoughts on “COASTLY NJANUARY.

  1. Wow….. Never knew January and all its harshness could still allow hustlers like us to have fun😂😂😂This is definitely a good read. Kwanza I’ve learnt a lot and I must say you’re a really good writer..

    Chips za Odeon ni 30 Bob 😂😂😂that has made my day.

    The photos 👌👌amazing. Am actually jealous of the fun you guys had.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The most amazing of the listed cost items is that of accommodation. @300 KES!!! I need to know this.

    Maswai Kipkoech Nicholas 254 722 827220 KENYA

    On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 9:13 AM, B_TITO PHOTOGRAPHY wrote:

    > b_tito photography posted: “My name is Tito and I am photographer I am > writing this article to my fellow hustlers in light of showing them how you > can spend ksh. 9000 on a five day excursion to the coast and not complain > about it. I am writing this to show how cheap it can be contr” >


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